Me and My Tennis Shoes

Wow I am whiped! Today was fun and relaxing...until now. I am soo sore I haven't been this worked out for a long time! I am going to sleep soon because I am all tired from all that I have done today. I played Tennis all today. Haha I love it. I am getting better so umm well I won't mention any names but those people better be ready for me because I'll be ready for them! They know who they are. Well I better get going before I start getting too cocky hehe.

Oh yeah and don't ever play Tennis in Converse sneakers...I can't stand the blisters!

Go to the tennis courts that I went to, lots of hott guys there hehe.

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Before the Mass

So yeah I felt like writing before going to church tonight. It's for ccd oh the joy. Anyways I'll probably write again after church...


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Can't Beleive This

My grandma died wednseday. I haven't been to school since that day. I have been feeling horrible but soo horrible I can't cry. I am like numb from the feelings. I have been sitting here watching my music player in front of me play the same song over and over again. A little music player that my grandma gave to me and it reminds me of all the days I used to sleep over or just visit. She was always thinking of others before herself and never wanted anyone to worry about her. She had a large heart and a truly caring person, I will miss her a bunch. I am worried about my mom must be hard losing a mom...I don't want anyone in my family to die. I would lose it I don't even ant to think about it.

Nobody has been on lately, but neither have I. Katlyn has gone missing, I don't have a clue where she has been's been soo boring without talking to her. We need to plan a day that we can hang out...I miss my St. Annes friends.

Anyways the wake for my grandma was today. I have been there since about 1:30pm and I just got back. I am tired. We went to Pub 99 in the middle of the two times of the wakes and the food was awesome. I knew a lot of people at the wakes for once, surprised me. Then my mom told me that her friends family was coming(the one with the two sons around me and my sisters age, and the daughter around my brothers age). They said the oldest son turned goth and had blue hair. When I saw him it didn't look as how I pictured it. Only the front was blue and the rest black. His clothes were all black but he isn't really 'goth'. More like the style I like(pretty neat I like it). He plays drums, I play guitar. He likes paintballing, so do I but uh never did it before. I am sure that he has a good taste in music. He sounded the same both him and hus brother. I wonder if they are still as goofy...haha we teased each other like crazy. We are getting together soon since we couldn't this weekend because of the whole grandmother thing...can't wait I want to go get some black pants finally at Hot Topic!

<3 Sarah
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The Grammys

I am not in my best mood right now, nor do I feel like staying in this house anymore....But my guitar lessons are in an hour so I think I should stay.

I am soo happy that Green Day won a grammy...I saw them perform too they are just soo awsome I could watch them perform all day and night. Man I didn't want that moment to end. And then Billie Joe singing with the others....gosh the grammys were sweet.
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Well this sucks I have to wait a whole week now to see them. My mom said they had somewhere to go tomorrow so we have to reschedule our get together. I can't wait that long! This really sucks....

Anyways I want to call someone on the phone...I feel like laughing so I think I know who to call. I'm hyper. I mean I know some people who can make me laugh, but I feel like talking to someone I don't talk to a lot. Diego maybe..he is pretty fun to talk to. Maybe I will scare him with a random call...haha.

I'll talk more later.

<3 Sarah
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Joined A Community

gd_obsession «-- gd_obsession (it's there you need to highlight)

I just joined this community and well, it rocks. I have been a fan of Green Day for quite some time now as you should already have noticed. I joined because, well my obsession towards the band. And I would like to know a lot more about them so joining a community will help me I am sure. If you like Green Day then you should check out this shit!

<3 Sarah
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Good Morning

Today is going to pass by so fast I know it. I am planning on spending today with hanging around the house and doing some things. I haven't felt in the dancing mood today so I may not play ddr a lot today for a change. I am definetly in the mood for guitar so I am going to do that today. Other than that maybe I will take a walk around my street. For some reason I feel like walking today.

Tomorrow is going to come so quickly and I bet it is going to pass by even quicker. Fun days always go by so quickly and that sucks. Sometimes it takes forever to get talking to someone you haven't seen in a while and by the time you start talking to them it's time to go. I hate when that happens...but it usually does.

I was up a little late last night. I was hanging out online waiting for someone to come one did except like two or three people. It was pretty boring and at like midnight I was just about to call it quits. Then I got a call of my phone and the number was not in my phone book. I noticed it was not an area code around here and then realized that it was my good buddy Diego from Texas. That surprised me I wasn't expecting a call from him at all. But it was fun he is a really funny kid and his friends were over so I am happy I got to talk to someone after being bored all of that time.

Well maybe I will update later on today. I hope that someone actually come online today so I can talk to someone. Katlyn I miss you you haven't been online for a while! At least, while I have been on. Maybe today you will be on...who knows. Talk to you all later.

<3 Sarah
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Schools Been Good

So I think I found some things to talk about. I am just so bored right now and I need to do something. I feel like I need to write, a lot. I think I am going to attempt writing a story. Who knows.

I am finally getting used to my new classes. Although I really miss my previous classes deeply I have to move along and get used to these I guess. So yeah my schedule is a lot different than it was before. More boring in my opinion.
1. Portuguese
2. English
3. Algebra 1B
4. Physics

There are no gym classes! I miss that a lot I really want to keep myself in shape. I will have to find a new way to stay in shape now I guess. I am happy I am learning portuguese finally I've always wanted to learn. I live in "little portugal" so learning the language will be awesome. English class is just like TAS only it seems to make me want to write a lot more! I can feel the writer inside of me coming out. I get told that I should be a journalist but I am not totally sure yet. I get told I can write a lot but I do not know if it something I am enough comfotable with to step into. I will probably write a story though sometime in my life I am sure. At least one.

Algebra is soo annoying! My teacher just won't shut up! My goodness he is repetitive with his explanations and just making you fall asleep and not wanting to be anywhere nearby. Physics is ok. I know it will become tough and that is what I hate most. Physics is math and science put together. I hate biology the most and algebra isn't great either...but together!? least I don't fall asleep in that last block class unlike my old Algebra class. My teacher was a bitch.

Anyways that is just about school. I told you I found some things to talk about! Man, I feel like writing so much right now it's crazy! This weekend should be fun, I am going to see my moms friends family on Sunday. I have not seen them in a long time and I can't wait to see them again. One of the sons turned goth...not bad. I want to see him and see how he is now. We used to tease each other soo much and I could beat him up easily. It will be soo much different now that we are older. I am updating after I get back from that definetly.

Well that's what I wanted to write about, I'll have more next time! Hope I didn't write too much for you guys...haha.

<3 Sarah
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