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If Looks Could Kill You'd Be A Murderer

...or maybe just a whore

Sarah ♥
4 August
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a heartwell ending, a static lullaby, afi, alkaline trio, alternative, armour for sleep, as i lay dying, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, avril lavigne, bam margera, billie joe, black eyeliner, bleeding through, blink 182, bmx, bowling for soup, boys in tight pants, brand new, breaking benjamin, bright eyes, bury your dead, buttons, capulet, chocolate, chuck taylors, coheed and cambria, coldplay, comeback kid, computer graphics, conor oberst, converse, crazy haircuts, crossfade, cursive, daphne loves derby, dashboard confessional, ddr, droom, dv8, emo, emo boys, emo lyrics, emo music, evanescence, every time i die, eyeliner, fall out boy, false image, fight back, finch, foo fighters, friends, from first to last, funeral for a friend, gerard way, gone baby gone, good charlotte, gorillas, green day, guitar, hackey sack, hardcore, hawthorne heights, him, hot hot heat, incubus, indie, insane clown posse, jelly bracelets, jeremy sumpter, jesse mccartney, jet, jimmy eat world, kfc, laughing, linkin park, local bands, local shows, lost prophets, lover left you bleeding, maroon 5, matchbook romance, modest mouse, music, my chemical romance, nachoes, new found glory, nickelback, nine inch nails, oti, papa roach, piercings, poetry, punk, relient k, rise against, rock music, ryan cabrera, saves the day, screamo, seether, senses fail, shadows fall, shy boys, simple plan, skateboarding, slipknot, social distortion, socks, something corporate, songwriting, spill canvas, staind, story of the year, sum 41, switchfoot, system of a down, taco bell, taking back sunday, the academy is, the all american rejects, the city drive, the click five, the cure, the darkness, the dresden dolls, the early november, the killers, the miles between, the northwood, the notebook, the spill canvas, the starting line, the used, the white stripes, this october, three days grace, thrice, thursday, tom welling, trapt, trivium, twiztid, u2, underoath, velvet revolver, video games, weezer, yellowcard